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What is Athir Care

Athir Care application and platform is an integrated platform that provides individuals access to many healthcare services by reviewing their health records and achieving an inclusive health strategy for a vibrant and healthy society.
Wide Network

You can search and book appointments with many medical service providers

Medical Prescriptions

You can view all the prescriptions issued to you

Payment Options

You can pay through the app and there is no need to stand in queues

Medical Reports

With easy way, you can extract medical reports through the Aether Care application

Features of Athir App

You can update and review all your enabling data and add affiliates without hassle to communicate with service providers or queue.


From the prescription list will make it easy for you to review and know your medications, doses and know all their details

Appointments Booking

You can book and manage appointments at the best doctors in various specialties with the easiest way through the Athir Care app or platform due to the association with many distinguished health service providers.

Medical History

You will be able to review all the previous appointments you have booked with previous doctors in every comfort through this function to be your help in reviewing the historical record.


One of the most outstanding services offered in the Athir Care app and platform is to review radiation reports at anywhere and 24/7.


You can review the results of all the tests done in the laboratory without hassle to go to the laboratories and inquire about the results.

Sick Leave

Because the Athir Care app and platform are automatically integrated to the SEHATY platform, so it's easy for you to review sick leave.

Medical Reports

You can review and share medical reports any time, which is one of the distinctive functions of the Athir Care app and platform.

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