Athir is a Saudi company that pioneers digital transformation in the health sector by developing comprehensive solutions containing the Healthcare Information System (HIS), Revenue Management System (RCM), and Business Intelligence (BI).

We strive to accelerate the healthcare transformation journey by offering cloud-based HIS, RCM and BI solutions which have been deployed at MOH PHCs and private clinics, and integrated with several systems Mawid, Seha, Wasfaty, DHS and Waseel. Our aim is to bridge the gap between healthcare service provider and patients.

Our Vision

Leading the digital transformation of the health sector

Our Mission

Accelerate healthcare transformation journey by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and cloud services, while following best practices to standardize healthcare industry and strict cybersecurity measures for better governance and sustainability.

Our Values


Transforming healthcare entities into digital workplaces


Standardizing healthcare processes that ensure standards of excellence and quality care


Integrating solutions for optimized data sharing and unified health records


Optimizing efficiency by reducing healthcare operational costs and care services delivery

Our Achievements


Our Innovations

Our News

    Who is Athir

    Athir is a Saudi company specializing in the development of healthcare software, We create smart solutions that support digital transformation in the health sector.

    What do we offer?

    We offer a health platform that brings together service providers (health facilities) and service beneficiaries (patients) to enhance the efficiency and quality of health care as well as other outstanding systems.

    Why Athir ?

    Athir offers a single digital platform that facilitates standardized medical and administrative processes, streamlined data exchange, integrated revenue cycle for medical insurance, Accounting and Inventories. With the presentation of the unified medical file so that it is an integrated system for medical facilities and beneficiary.
    More Is Coming


    We have an integrated team with ambition and sufficient knowledge in the field of health, technical, administrative and leadership This has enabled us to realize our vision over the past years under the leadership of founders and an ambitious team that believes in the success of our idea of creating a health platform with integrated modules such as a health care system and medical insurance management for health facilities. It contains the application of smart devices as a self-service for beneficiary of medical facilities.

    Our Team

    • Solution Architects Engendering

    • IT Engineers & Developers

    • Process Designers

    • Business Analysis

    • UI & UX Experts

    • Testers and Quality Assurance

    • Information Security & Risk Experts

    • Data Analysis Experts

    • Technical Support

    • Administration Specialist